Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Wedding Crafts

A little more than a year ago our eldest son Nik married his sweetheart Jun.

Perfecto!. A good and wonderful reason to create, craft and go a little bit crazy.

I sewed linen and lace favour bags, made the fabric roses in vintage blue.

I made Hataran Cards for each hantaran tray. They have become momentos for Nik and Jun to cherish long after the hantaran gifts have been devoured. Attach a ribbon or magnet to the top or back of each and viola!...a reminder of your wedding day at your disposal to hang or stick anywhere you please.

Kad2 'heart' yang saya kraf .....untuk di letak di setiap dulang hantaran.........dalam gambar di bawah perkataan seperti 'respect'...'honour'...'love' dan sebagainya belum di letak lagi ketika gambar ini di ambil ...

I made the guest book..

And.vintage inspired paper cones for seaweed crackers that I had made too...

I made ...I made ...I made.....crazeeeeee me !!!

I made all the cakes for the dessert table and of course the 2 tiered vintage inspired wedding cake as well.

I had the pelamin arranged the the way i imagined it to happy with it..

I honestly think weddings were invented  just for me.



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