Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tissue Paper Flowers

This a great link on how to make tissue paper flowers......Have fun....And thank you to Nellie Bellie blog !



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shop Till You Drop

Today I went shopping with my mother....I hereby declare and swear to God that we are both craaaaayzeeeeeeey...

From 10.30 am to 6 pm...from Pasar Taman Tun to the end of one road....and my mother is 86 years old! Still standing, talking, shopping and dressing ok. Wahduuuuh! We went wild like no other wild people....we got tricked into buying more and more and more....with our consent of course. Have you ever felt like that? Like wanting to be tricked into buying yet feeling like you're tricked into buying...Yepp...that's how stupid-clever we felt.

Now we have so many important decisions to make. Like ...shall we sleep or belek-belek (touch-touch)? Sigh...verrrrry difficult.

You all know what i mean right? I mean ...You all ladies ...women...girls.....females..pompuan...anyone and everyone who looks anything remotely like us.

High five! Fist ~  yea ~



PS..Next time we will take a pic of our mad eyes ...hehe

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Wedding Crafts

A little more than a year ago our eldest son Nik married his sweetheart Jun.

Perfecto!. A good and wonderful reason to create, craft and go a little bit crazy.

I sewed linen and lace favour bags, made the fabric roses in vintage blue.

I made Hataran Cards for each hantaran tray. They have become momentos for Nik and Jun to cherish long after the hantaran gifts have been devoured. Attach a ribbon or magnet to the top or back of each and viola!...a reminder of your wedding day at your disposal to hang or stick anywhere you please.

Kad2 'heart' yang saya kraf .....untuk di letak di setiap dulang hantaran.........dalam gambar di bawah perkataan seperti 'respect'...'honour'...'love' dan sebagainya belum di letak lagi ketika gambar ini di ambil ...

I made the guest book..

And.vintage inspired paper cones for seaweed crackers that I had made too...

I made ...I made ...I made.....crazeeeeee me !!!

I made all the cakes for the dessert table and of course the 2 tiered vintage inspired wedding cake as well.

I had the pelamin arranged the the way i imagined it to happy with it..

I honestly think weddings were invented  just for me.



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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who, what or why is Lola Rose ~

Once upon a time not very long ago in the land of Nothing-To-Do, where sat the little town of Desperation, it rained for forty days and forty nights.

After forty days and forty nights the sun came out. It dried up all the rain and wild flowers began to grow. They grew all over the hills and valleys of Nothing-To-Do. Across miles and miles of fresh, new grass, as far as the eyes could see, colourful petals billowed in the soft, cool breeze. These gorgeous flowers and their sweetest scent bloomed, floated and swirled throughout the land and it reached the little town of Desperation. It made all beings senseless.

In my senseless state, in Desperation, I bent over, reached out and picked the one that was the loveliest. I named it Lola Rose.



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