Friday, August 8, 2014


Daiso is a five ringgit store. I bought 4 pretty chair pads for 5 rm each and turned them into a baby's changing pad or a playmat. So easy ...a no-brainer and ready in minutes! And so pretty. And a money saver.

Total cost : 20 ringgit.
Finished size : 73 by 73 cm or 28 by 28 inches

Here's the tutorial...

Gather 4 chair pads, the prettier the better ~

Cut off the ties ~ careful not to make a cut in the cushion as I did...but if you do just mend by stitching the cut together ~

Machine stitch and join 2 chair pads together, pretty sides facing each other, and you will get these below...2 sets of 2 joined chair pads ~

This is the right side up ~


Align each set of 2 joined chair pads and pin them together the pretty sides facing each other..

Then stitch or baste by hand  first before machine stitching to make it easier to machine stitch smoothly. This may get a little difficult when machine stitching because they are quite puffy but you can guide and make the machine stitching reasonably straight by holding firmly at the top and bottom as you stitch. This will keep the pads from sliding off the machine. This is the hardest part. But once you're done you're DONE!

DONE...4 chair pads joined into a square ~ so pretty and quick ~